Winter Chill 2020

Living with Meaning

And it’s greetings at the tail-end of the Winter Chill. I have purposely capitalised those last two words of the previous sentence – what a Winter it has been around money, markets, politics and sport.

If you step back for a moment from the absolute mess and confusion of the globe you really start to question how to define, or maybe redefine progress. Maybe the best way is to rather unpackage each of our busy life boxes and put some order back into each of the compartments that really count in this political lifestyle. Live to win, grow and enjoy.

I notice with great surprise that a large number of my colleagues, friends and clients alike are all refocusing on critical essential lifestyle needs. To do this effectively they would usually be classified selfish and removed but no, in their own view the motto “you only have one life” is re-directing them back to the only actions and activities that result in true richness.

On risk management we are constantly asking responsible clients to reassess what really counts for them. We all pay for so much with what personal control? How much time and energy is being expended on false progress, where everything we are doing has little result, no future and consistently ends in failures and disappointments.

On investment issues early career investing principles simply requires young people to invest towards the future in well managed stocks through countless options and quality choices. Later, all one has to do is diversify your savings and wealth by including second properties and other business interests that have been properly assessed. But, as always, many enjoy using their well-earned money in short term enjoyment spending before planting their investment farm which needs to support a family for approximately 40 years and a retirement period of a further 20 years plus!

So, back to the end of the Winter Chill which like all seasons can and will come and go consistently. May I suggest that we spring clean our email boxes, outstanding debts, relationship problems and everything else that prevents a marvellous future which was offered to us at birth to seize. Take action to retrieve and own your lifestyle in the most valuable way possible. All we do here at The Wholistics Planning Group is to simply synchronise your financial planning towards that end by clearly understanding what counts for you.

May your financial spring cleaning be part of your lives too.

Stay strong.


Tom Feher