Understanding employee benefits….from one of our specialists, Sian Fforde.

Sian Fforde

Employee benefits is an area of financial planning not many people understand even though their companies offer this. Being able to educate members and help them to understand what their benefits mean is a highlight of this job. Employee benefits can also be customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation and its employees, it doesn’t and often shouldn’t have to be a “one size fits all” approach.

Medical Aid and Gap Cover is an extremely specialised field and the sheer number of health insurance options in South Africa is daunting for both employers and individuals. Due to the nature of medical aids, how each scheme is structured to cater for different hospital networks, cover different individual medical needs and dependence, it is incredibly difficult to compare options like for like, especially on price. Our specialist division partners with you to consider all the options available and helps you choose the most suitable plan for your life stage. Being independent we have the option of ensuring that you are aligned with the correct product/s.

With the country facing tough economic challenges, company’s downsizing or closing all together, it is important to look closely at your financial planning to ensure you keep the required cover in place. Looking at your contribution history, it is often initially better to look at downgrading a benefit than cancelling all together.

“We represent a number of leading Employers in the country and are able to assist you with the complexities in this area, be that for the individual or the company. Contact us today, let us put the benefits back into Employee Benefits”