Personal Reflections and Thoughts – Summer Edition 2020

The ampersand (epershand) traced back to the1st century A.D. and the Old Roman cursive. After A-Z came et al (and all or what next?). Re-introduced on type and keyboards as the “27th letter”. Variations:, ∧, ۽, ⅋, &,et  🙰, 🙱, 🙲, 🙳, 🙴, 🙵  . This is a what’s next moment!

The Summer of our Content – Discontent

Dear Friends

This communique took some serious ponderance and pretty controversial reflection related to all the current “pandemics” as we move into the end of year cycle. I thought “Where are we and what becomes of all of us?” Our World is in a great social, economic, health and environmental meltdown, regardless of any lockdown!! There is surely the clearest of messages coming through from all of this. We need to seriously redesign and rewire all our thought and action circuits to take stronger, disciplined, habit-forming bold lifestyle resolutions:

1. Socially from family to friends, the electronic age has further distracted and weakened our deeper and more meaningful relationships into surface language and techno feelings. We are now in record-breaking territory for suicides, divorces, family discord and lesser legacy achievements. All this, as we subscribe to the genius of media and technology to find our way!  As a technocrat, I’m making my own decisions! Connect, care, and spend valuable time without “distractions” – each day is all we have for life

2. Economically, powerful and effective information and communication formats have saved and connected us, but….  process and data are void of interactive, deeper personal insights and business relationships that provide the critical 6th Sense of thought and human judgement. Again, even pre-Covid era, record national and personal debt, hunger and poverty, and the dawn of a new global economic war with further proof of the  global financial divide between those more fortunate from “the rest”! Take extreme ethical measures to save, spend and invest in protecting the worthwhile future of the precious lives that are your life story’s blessing. Again without “commercial brainwash”

3. There have been so many positive and negative health outcomes during this time. Overall, health budgets are always severely stretched and generally, our immune systems have finally been exposed to the “truth” of our habits and lifestyles – this is how it is, and it’s time for acceptance and change by removing denial before the next pandemic “event”. When will we learn that, again, the unhealthier we become, the more the commercial tills ring – and now technology smart drives every solution to spend more!. All these forced health expenses are the grand theft of lifestyle spending for positive outcomes. Action good health into yourself , and to those around you, to create special lifestyle memories.

4. Finally we watch our precious globe getting a valuable break from the deplorable habits of her human inhabitants-so many incredible moments of nature and animals have shown their appreciation of our “polluting absence” in this period. We are running out of time, and soon land, water and food represent the next global war!! Thousands of species, animal and plant, disappear daily, and denied to our children forever. It’s time for our wealth, finance and spending habits to reward global preservation. Observe “without your technology”, the living world that needs your respect through further actions. Share with future generations all the sights, sounds and experiences of Mother Earth.

& To conclude, may your resolutions be passionate, consistent lifetime decisions that reward you, your families and dear friends. We wish, and need, for 2021 to re-write our lives and guarantee our valuable futures against these very difficult times. All our strength and resolve will be tested for a long time yet.

Kind Regards & Stay Safe

Tom Feher “Personally”