I humbly hail from the Eastern Cape, in a town called Mthatha as my fellow homies would say, eUta…

I am an aspiring CFP with Postgraduate Diplomas in Finance, Banking and Investment Management (FBIM) as well as Financial Planning. My passion lies in financial literacy and sharing the valuable knowledge that I have acquired with others. My medium to long terms goals are to be accredited as a CFP and becoming a key player in the Financial Services Landscape.

I am a firm believer of continuous development as the world waits for no man. With every opportunity that comes my direction I grasp it with both hands to broaden my knowledge. When you get to know me you’ll note that I am a very reserved person, an advocate for the truth, however I can be very outspoken when necessary.

I love cycling, be it at the gym or just at the Durban beach front promenade. You’ll probably find me there on a Sunday, enjoying the sunshine with my ears soothed to the phenomenal sounds of DJ Black Coffee; I will drive all night more like cycle all day.

Just being out there is enough, it takes me to all places I’ve never been to, so amazing.

Did I mention that I’m a foodie, no doubt that the kitchen is my favourite part at home, you’ll find me trying out a new recipe that I probably saw on My Kitchen Rules Australia’s last episode, Gordon Ramsay’s or Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals.

In a nutshell, I’m free- spirited, charmed by the little things in life and a traveller across horizons of this world to reach my ultimate milestone…