Howzit, I’m Jessica but you can call me Jess.

I was born and raised in Durbs. I grew up having everyone close to me owning a business and being their own bosses. Enter; my competitive nature, which leads me to any challenge. When I’m not staring at my computer all day long, you will find me away most weekends soaking up what our gorgeous country has to offer, and trying to make the most of nature while we still can! #noplanetb

Currently, I’m studying towards my B.Com (Financial Management) degree. What gets me through my studies is my supportive husband and family. I have many years’ experience in the financial services industry and believe that solving problems starts with digging deeper into data. I am a Para-planner who enjoys working with people and making a difference in their lives. I enjoy the different aspects of financial planning, especially the problem solving that is required to provide the most appropriate solutions to different clients’ financial needs. My role is to ensure that clients’ financial choices are aligned with their goals and values.

Finance plays a role in virtually every industry. The challenge was deciding which industry I wanted to be part of. I wanted to see what they all had to offer and have been fortunate enough to work in both large and smaller teams.

Along the way, I discovered that I prefer to be part of a team rather than work as a lone wolf like Bruce Willis in Die Hard. We have a great team here. Maybe someday, we’ll take over the world together.