Wherever your journey takes you.



Consolidate your offshore financial matters


We offer a comprehensive service to South Africans who are emigrating, helping you to cash in
your retirement annuities, pension plans and South African assets.


The Wholistics Planning Group has key experience in administering assets and policies for
South Africans living and working overseas.

We can help you access your assets quickly and efficiently.

Who needs these services?

  • South Africans who are emigrating
  • Ex-South Africans who are foreign nationals or foreign residents
  • South Africans about to work overseas for a reasonable period
  • South Africans expanding their business overseas

What services do we offer?

  • Cashing in and transfer of your pension, retirement annuity and other investments to your overseas bank account
  • SARS and foreign allowance clearance
  • Policy valuations, administration & paperwork

Other offshore financial services

  • We have access to offshore transactional banking networks.
  • We provide restructured financial planning assessments.
  • Life, disability, health and pension solutions for South Africans working offshore.
  • Company registration and re-location processes outside of South Africa.

Transferring your assets and policies offshore has definite benefits, is safe and secure,
and you have control over when and where the assets get transferred.

Lead specialist
Sophie Gallagher
Portfolio Emigration Specialist

This is a step that often raises many questions. We’ve answered a few of them below, but please contact Sophie if we can help with any others.