October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Make October a pink month, let us stand together, acknowledge and support everyone who has been affected. Encourage those around you to go for regular check-ups, increase awareness and raise…

Congratulations Nono….

We are proud to announce that our IFA intern Nonophela Mfono has passed her RE5 examination with flying colours. Well done Nono!

Understanding employee benefits….from one of our specialists, Sian Fforde.

Employee benefits is an area of financial planning not many people understand even though their companies offer this. Being able to educate members and help them to understand what their benefits mean is a highlight of this job. Employee benefits can also be customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation and its employees, it doesn’t and often shouldn’t have to be a “one size fits all” approach

Have you met Kim, our very own Sherlock Holmes….!

Kim is unwavering on execution and ensuring every angle and avenue is fully explored. In this business this skill set is critical, to ensure that Clients are correctly aligned with products and services

The smile at the front door…

If you have ever visited our offices you will get met by this beautiful, radiant smile! Millicent our company receptionist, who has been with us since 2015. Our offices would…

Winter Chill 2020

If you step back for a moment from the absolute mess and confusion of the globe you really start to question how to define, or maybe redefine progress. Maybe the best way is to rather unpackage each of our busy life boxes and put some order back into each of the compartments that really count in this political lifestyle.

Purposeful Leadership – July 2020

Never before has business leadership style shown its true face more emphatically than during this Covid – 19 pandemic. Being in the financial services industry has certainly highlighted the seriously questionable and oft times “broken” service experiences of our dealings with corporates and businesses alike.

Our new IFA Intern.

Today, marks 4 months since we have been fortunate enough to have Nonophela join our Team. Nono is our first IFA internship candidate through ASISA Academy. We are delighted at…