CEO’s message:

It has been just over 35 years that our sustainable journey started in a single 16 square- metre rented office as an agency. That small agency has transformed into an independent diverse Group providing financial services to our clients all over South Africa and internationally.


Our sustainable journey as a family driven business started in 1985 in a single 16 square metre rented office as an agency.

Then, in 1997, the Wholistics story began with a small group of passionate, committed professionals managing a host of individual and corporate clients. This same entity transformed into a Group which provides financial advancement and services to our clients across South Africa and internationally.

Throughout this challenge in the ever-changing financial services landscape, I can openly say we have stayed faithful to our founding language and unchanging focus and vision. Call it what you will, but each day for me is still exciting, challenging and offers progress and inspiration to our lives.

Many competitive advantages took place over the period. We themed climbing as the activity that best expresses our energy, passion and ongoing challenges. Much later corporates and companies used the mountain as a common media marketing tool to translate their endeavours.

Our founding business Execuserv was launched with its € (E logo) well ahead of the Euro logo which has no connection to this specialist financial planning business which has remained the forerunner of client

understanding and lifestyle planning. Through loyal support and consistent growth, we then developed two further businesses namely Ethix and Extegrity. The Wholistics Planning Group is made up of these specialist divisions providing clients with a full scope of service, objectivity, innovation and smart solutions.

Personally, the general attitudes, complaints, apathy and service negligence of our industry has always presented us with increasing opportunities to stay different and measurably ahead. Certainly this is the time that businesses that invested honourably for decades in great and professional people and processes have the undeniable right to take charge of the financial services sector to benefit their clients and themselves. I certainly believe that we continue to ‘experience and pay for our right’ to enjoy success deservedly!

We really have a robust collective of truly dedicated people in The Wholistics Planning Group from all walks of life. Each of our specialists hold ownership accountability across the Group and actively manage their respective businesses. Our shareholders have an intense responsibility and priority to ensure the legacy and continued success of the Group remains a strong Family business for future generations.

I am convinced that winning for our clients at every level has to be the dedicated culture of our people; it’s the only way we can build further trust, loyalty and the special deeper relationships that we have been privileged to enjoy throughout. It’s also the only reason that we are in business and allowed to grow, flourish and scale new heights of endeavour and professional achievement!

On behalf of each and every Team member and as one synergistic Group, we salute and thank you sincerely with a promise to always align our interests with those of our valued clients.

With appreciation and warm regards, Tom Feher

We have grown this family controlled enterprise by providing objective, independent and wholistic financial services and solutions across a wide and diverse individual and corporate client base. As testimony of our impartiality and independence, we are formally registered to over 50 key FSP industry players both locally and offshore. This broad array of licences services every conceivable client objective.

The Group has developed into three distinct business units that function in the most integrated, interdependent and objective manner. This allows our clients to enjoy varied and uncompromising best advice. Our activities encompass all aspects of financial, business and lifestyle planning.

Key specialists have crafted their respective business vision in a highly passionate and professional manner from the most basic foundations of a start-up business.

The Wholistics Planning Group (TWPG) is now a fully comprehensive advisory and financial planning business. Our reputation has earned us professional planning and advisory status by achieving South Africa’s inaugural Best Practice of the Year Award.  This achievement through Celestis recognised exceptional business and client management practices which today further includes updated and vigilant FSB and FAIS compliancy.